Alex Weitzman / voice over artist

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Commercial demo

A New York native transplanted to Southern California, Alex Weitzman misses good pizza and bagels. Oh, and he's a Los Angeles-based voice actor! He earned his BFA in Theatre Performance at Chapman University, training in Meisner, Stella Adler, Linklater vocal technique, Suzuki movement, and copious amounts of Shakespeare. After that, he went on to train with numerous luminaries of the voice-over world: Bob Bergen, Andrea Romano, Dave Fennoy, Jennifer Hale, and more! 

 Now his experience ranges from video games to commercials, live-action dubbing to original animation, and whatever the next challenge may bring!

Whether it's a whole cast of characters or just that one perfect vocal creation, Alex Weitzman is on the job!

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"Alex is a consummate pro when he's in the booth and a charming and funny person when he's not."
Keythe Farley
Voice Director for Rugrats, Final Fantasy XV
Voice of Thane Krios in Mass Effect and Kellogg in Fallout 4
"Alex is that rare talent who has great instincts, yet is also supremely directable. And his character and emotional range is impeccable. I'm honestly delighted every time I get to cast him for a project. I know the session will be a ton of fun every time."
Michael Schwalbe
Casting/Voice Director for System Shock
voice of Kawaki in Borutooice of Kawaki in Boruto
"Alex Weitzman is an absolute gem. He's hilarious, collaborative, and a deep well of creativity. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of animation and film history and can draw on dozens of references and voices in a blink. He is such a joy to watch work because he brings not just his delicious sense of humor but also his heart. I have been a big fan of Alex for years now and only wish I were casting constantly so that I could fulfil my agenda of sneaking him into everything. All projects are better with a bit of his magic in them."
Jennifer Losi
Casting Director and Producer
Voice of Ganyu in Genshin Impact
"Alex is one of the most delightful, talented and easy-to-direct actors I have ever had the pleasure of working with. His work on Megaton Girl turned his character into a fan favorite, and a favorite of mine as well. Every session with Alex is a joy, and you want him in your cast. Trust me."
Austin Lee Matthews
Director/Producer of Megaton Girl
voice of Roche in FFVII Remake
"In addition to being a fabulous performer and a pleasure to work with, Alex is the most valuable thing an actor can be (from the perspective of production, anyway): A Problem Solver. Alex came on to our project to play someone with a very specific sound who could easily have skewed into caricature. Alex’s impressive vocal range and grasp of character left us with a fully realized performance that reflected all the nuance we needed, and his impeccable dub timing kept us on track for our deadline. Alex is an artist and an asset."
Felecia Angelle
Casting and Voice Director
voice/facial mocap for Ava in "Borderlands 3"
"I've had the pleasure of working with Alex multiple times, and I've found him professional, versatile, and easy to work with."
Tim Friedlander
Director, Founder and CEO of Soundbox LA